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Welcome to Zelime Gillespie Matthew’s Pins. Your jewelery pin is a one of a kind design that will add a touch of glamour and whimsy to your life. Each brilliant metallic finish plastic pin is handmade and all are absolutely guaranteed to generate joy.

The pins are exceedingly light in weight--easy to wear on jackets (women's or men's) or on the sheerest silks. Professionals, teachers, health care workers and other extraordinary citizens all love wearing and sharing their seasonal whimsy, their patrIotic glory and their joie de vie with these pins. The pins are excellent gifts and are perfect to introduce your personality to the rest of the world.
Special designs (company logos, group symbols or personal favorites) are available at special pricing upon request. The average pin size is 1½" to 4" and all are $25.00 plus tax and shipping/handling.

Zelime’s pins are beautiful and exotic yet durable but they will soften or melt if exposed to intense heat or sun. Never leave your pin in a HOT car! A little TLC is necessary.

If you have any questions or special requests don’t hesitate to email.

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